What Makes a Good Camera Stabilizer?

What Makes a Good Camera Stabilizer?

When filming videos, making a movie, or plainly taking photos, being able to take smooth and stable shots are the go-to way to increase the quality of your work. Unless you are trying to purposely take a photo with a blur effect, the ability to take clear and stable photos is a standard that is expected out of a good photographer. As technology has advanced through time, cameras are getting more and more advanced, being able to take higher quality shots with greater clarity. Some even have started to develop to come with anti-shaking technology within the programming, however this feature isn’t always enough for some scenarios. This is when special camera appliances come in to help assist a photographer or film maker to take their shots to the next level. In the case for steadying shots, having a good camera stabilizer is the way to go. In this article we will look at how do video camera stabilizers work and what makes up a good one.

What is a Camera Stabilizer?

A camera stabilizer is a device or rig that assists you in stabilizing your camera during photography. These devices help you make your shots look more professional by eliminating and undesired movements when holding your camera.



How do Camera Stabilizers Work?

While there are multiple different types of camera stabilizers, all of them work with the same basic principles. A camera stabilizer stabilizes your shot by having the stabilizers weight counteract with any unwanted motion from to camera to a achieve a stable and smooth image or video. Although camera stabilizing technology is relatively new (the first camera stabilizer was invented in around the 1990s), throughout the years there have been significant changes and improvements made to the device. While originally a classic camera stabilizer used a pole and moveable weights at the bottom to act as a gyroscope to balance out any shaky movement from holding the camera. These rigs used to be relatively big and clunky, however in the recent years, newer, light, more compact, and more sophisticated models have been created and put out onto the market.

 When do You Use a Camera Stabilizer?

There are multiple different scenarios in which you can use a Camera stabilizer, however they usually always surround being used when you want to film something while moving, or when you want to take stable and clear photos. Further in this article below we will be looking at some common scenarios when it might be best to be use a camera stabilizer.

Filming in Motion: When filming a moving target or trying to film while walking, it can be extremely hard to keep your camera stable. You either need to really focus on the camera and try to keep it in a stationary position or you may need to watch where you are moving to. This however usually results in videos or film that has some unwanted wobbles or movement due to it being extremely hard the camera neutral with your hands. A good camera stabilizer resolves this issue perfectly by counterbalancing any unwanted motion, allowing you to be able to focus on where you are going and what you are filming without having to worry about whether the camera is stabilized or not. This is perfect for when trying to follow a certain target like filming while walking or trying to take photos on the move.



Taking Stable and Clear Shots: When you try to shoot a video or photo even when standing still, there will be some unwanted movements from your hands as it is impossible as humans to keep something perfectly still. By using a camera stabilizer, you are taking this factor out of the equation for your photography, which allows you to only worry about if you are capturing everything that you visioned in your shot. When using a camera stabilizer, your photos and videos will appear clearer and smoother as there won’t be any extra motion at all. A good camera stabilizer is perfect for shooting wide view photos or videos where you need to move the camera from point A to point B.



Taking Picture from Angles that Can’t be Normally Taken: Camera stabilizers are amazing devices for allowing you to take pictures from angles in which you usually would be unable to do with just your bare hands. The range of motion of our arms are limited, which restrict us from taking photos in certain angles. This makes it extremely hard to take shots from extremely low or high angles, but by having a camera stabilizer, this issue is fixed as you usually can control the position of your camera on a video camera stabilizer, which allows you to take photos from angles which would have been not possible with just our bare hands. Good camera stabilizers open numerous of possibilities by opening more possibilities for shots that we can take.

Introducing the ZHIYUN Crane 2S and Crane 3S Camera Stabilizers

In this article we have looked at how camera stabilizers work, and some of the scenarios a good camera stabilizer is perfect for. Some readers may now start to wonder what some good camera stabilizers are on the market. Camera stabilizers can be hard to choose as they are relatively pricey, and there are so many different camera stabilizers to choose from. In this article, we will be introducing two of the best camera stabilizers that you can buy to bring your photography to a new level. The ZHIYUN Crane 2S and Crane 3S.

Crane 2S:

Highly optimized in motor control algorithms and motor power, the Crane 2S handles large cameras such as the BMPCC 6K, Panasonic S1H, and EOS 1DX Mark III with total ease. More than that, you can also mount multiple accessories on it and shoot vertically! Crane 2S is pushing boundaries not just in terms of loading performance, but also with its film-grade focus control ability. With its upgraded built-in focus controller and servo follow focuses that feature ultra-low delay and high precision, you will never miss any decisive shots. It is easy to switch between modes, with 12 hours of battery run time, digital & mechanical focus control, standard & vertical mounting plates, and a 9th instune high axis response algorithm. The Crane 2S is a powerhouse of a camera stabilizer perfect for those that require a rig that can support large cameras.



Crane 3S:

From intense chasing shoots to studio filming, different types of shooting environment require both high capacity and flexibility of shooting equipment. Bearing filmmakers in mind, ZHIYUN felt the Crane series can be even better to adapt to strict and unpredictable filming environment. Introducing the new CRANE 3S, the legendary gimbal built on a heritage of innovation with magnificent motors and brand-new modular design, which aims for wider application and intuitive control. The CRANE 3S is constructed with brand new SUPER motors which allow for a 6.5kg/14.3lb payload for a wide range of camera models including Canon EOS 1DX, BMPCC 4k/6k, and even Canon Cinema EOS, Sony FS & FX series, and Red Digital Cinema Cameras. It is driven by a new algorithm system that enables phenomenal responsive speed and smoothness. In fast action shoot, CRANE 3S can resist high winds and G-forces without compromise. The Crane 3S truly is a revolutionary and innovative camera stabilizer that is perfect for film makers or photographers that need a top tier professional filming rig.




In this article, we went through and discussed how a camera stabilizer worked, looked at some of the use scenarios for a good camera stabilizer, and looked at 2 of the best camera stabilizers on the market made by ZHIYUN. Camera Stabilizers are amazing tools that take a photographers shot to the next level, they come in many different designs and sizes, therefore it can be overwhelming to try and determine which one is good and which one is perfect for you. Hopefully after this article you may have a better idea with what it is that you are looking for in a good camera stabilizer. If you are interested in the 2 camera stabilizers introduced within this article or you want to look at other camera stabilizers made by them, feel free to checkout ZHIYUN’s website. https://store.zhiyun-tech.com/


Thank you for reading!